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Originally a professional dancer, I performed for many years in Theatre, TV and film, before I transitioned into the fitness and wellness industry becoming a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, L3 Personal trainer, L2 Reiki and crystal healer and Sound therapist 


I have worked for some of Londons top bespoke gyms and wellness studios including celebrity trainers Dalton Wong's "Twenty two Training", Body By Simone London. My cliental range from A-list Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Athletes and Pre + Post natal mums.

After years of pushing my body to its limits as a dancer and obsessing over food and exercise, a herniated disc, chronic sciatica and PCOS was my body's way of telling me to slow down and take care of myself.

I started to shift my intention from moving for aesthetics or for gains, to moving to heal and to ultimately feel good. I like to encourage others to train their bodies as an act of self care and to treat their body as a temple, a gentle reminder that you are already enough just as you are- you just have to believe it.

It has taken lot of personal development and spiritual growth to realise transformation comes from the inside. We all hold some kind of trauma or unprocessed emotions from childhood and beyond that get stored within the body and energy healing helps to release them. I have studied in many energy healing modalities including: Reiki Master Michael Kauffman, The Crystal healer Phillip Permutt, Masters of high frequency Tim Wheater & Cherub, and gong master Sheila Whittiker. 

 I intend to share my knowledge of movement with the science and magic of breath-work and energy practices to help you raise your vibrations so you can experience a more authentic, balanced and joyful sense of being. 

"I am"

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